2023 Municipal Election


  • Mayoral Candidates: Celeni Richins
  • Town Council Member Candidates: Clint Allen, Justin Carlile (withdrawn)


  • Mayoral Write-In Candidates:
  • Town Council Member Write-In Candidates: Troy Thompson, Elliott Anderson, Mary Piscitelli

The filing period to declare candidacy for open positions with Wallsburg Town was open from June 1 to June 7, 2023 and has now closed. Candidates who filed their declaration paperwork before the deadline are listed above.

To become a write in candidate for the election, a person must file “Write-In Declaration Of Candidacy” forms with the Wallsburg Town Clerk in person no later than 65 days (September 18th, 2023) before the November election.

Please see below for more information regarding the upcoming elections.

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To view the full size notice, click here

To download Write-In Declaration forms, click here

**Write-In Declarations of Candidacy must be filed IN PERSON with the Wallsburg Town Clerk. Please fill in the first page, minus your signature, before appearing in person to officially declare write-in candidacy. In person, you will sign your form and we will go through the checklist and rest of the information in the packet. If you prefer not to print a copy at home, we are happy to print a copy for you at the Town Hall.

Here is some additional information that the State provides regarding Write-In Candidacy Declaration:

-The “Write-in” declaration form will be used for all candidates not filing during the regular filing period in June. The only difference (besides the deadlines to file) between the regular filing period and the write-in filing period is that we are required to affirmatively tell each candidate that their name will NOT appear on the ballot. Instead, a line will be provided on the ballot for voters to write-in the candidate’s name.

 -Utah is a voter intent state which means that if the election officer can determine that the voter is casting a vote for that write-in candidate, a vote will be counted. Decipherable misspellings will be counted as a vote for that candidate. 20A-4-105 Direct specific questions on this process to your county clerk’s office.

-Only votes for write-in candidates who have declared their write-in candidacy will be counted. Any votes for names that have not qualified as an official write-in will be counted and reported as “Unqualified”.

-Once the write in filing period has closed, there are no further opportunities to become a declared candidate.